Practicing Yoga When You Don’t Feel Like Yoga

Practicing Yoga When You Don’t Feel Like Yoga

Guest blog by Retreat Leader Caitlin

Something I’ve been hearing a lot over the past few months is how people have lost their yoga practice a little (or a lot). They say they haven’t had the motivation to get on their mats at home, or log onto a Zoom yoga class. I get it, Zoom yoga is far from my favorite way to teach. 

The last few months have been confusing, stressful, and if you happened to let your practice lag, you’re not alone. Even though we may not be practicing asana as much (the physical postures), there are so many other ways to “practice yoga” to make you feel calm, happy and light. You don’t need a pandemic to do these – but perhaps they will be more appreciated and absorbed amid recent events. 

Taste Your Food: One of the most mindful things we can do is to be present at meals. Try these steps for your next meal and see how it goes. Treat yourself to this yummy read too: How to Eat, by Thich Nhat Hanh. 

  1. Before you take a bite, look at your whole plate, observe the colors, textures and varieties. 
  2. Take a bite, and put your fork down. 
  3. Taste every part of that bite, the temperature, the taste, the texture. 
  4. Take another bite, and put your fork down. 
  5. Repeat as you wish

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