New to Yoga? Learn 8 Things to Know About Your First Yoga Session

New to Yoga? Learn 8 Things to Know About Your First Yoga Session

Everyone gets first day nerves when they are signing up for a new hobby or new challenge.

Being nervous is perfectly fine, there always misconceptions or assumptions of what to expect when trying something new.

I personally have met a few clients that have strayed away from yoga due to things that they have heard or the lack of information that they have been provided.

I always tell my new clients that yoga is for them; there is not a specific body shape or confidence that you have to be at to be able to complete a session successfully because; yoga is all about connecting the mind, body, and soul.

Some misconceptions that I have heard would consist of needing to be flexible, yoga is slow paced, yoga is only for women, older people cannot do yoga, or yoga is too expensive.

All of these statements are untrue because yoga helps clients become flexible; it is building the body, releasing tension and trauma from your muscles.

A yoga class that goes slow can be considered yin or restorative yoga but, there are yoga classes that are fast paced. It is all about what you can handle.

Yoga being only for women has been a statement that I have heard many times, this is untrue more and more men are becoming interested in yoga.

Yoga is also for all ages; it is beneficial for bringing movement to the body and lower stress levels.

Another, key factor to keep in mind is that yoga classes are becoming more affordable as the years go on.

In addition, I have added eight things to expect when joining your first yoga class; that will ease your nerves and have you feeling comfortable to step on to your mat.

1. There is more than one style of yoga.

There are many different types of yoga some styles are slow, fast, or slow. For example, a few yoga styles are Vinyasa which is a smooth transition into different poses, this style of yoga will guide you seamlessly with your breath.

You also have the option of trying Restorative yoga which is a yoga style where you hold your poses for a long period of time. Props are also used with the style of yoga.

Then, we have Yin yoga which is a slow-paced yoga style where you hold your yoga poses for a long period time.

Another example would be Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga this is more of an energetic yoga that is connected with breathing and movement.

2. You will not be judged on what type of mat you have.

Relax! This is your first class you will not be judged on the type of mat you have. As long you are comfortable you will be fine.

A lot of people that are new to yoga will get a beginner mat that protects them from slipping and sliding.

If you are interested in the mat right for you check out a few suggestions here.

3. The yoga room is a no judgment zone.

When you first walk into the studio remember to take your shoes off, communicate with the instructor and relax.

Before you get to the yoga room you will most likely fill out a form if this is your first class; you may be asked what is bringing you to the mat.

Be open minded when it comes to your first yoga class. Also, if you have any prior injuries be sure to the make that aware to the yoga instructor.

Another tip would be to make sure you arrive at least ten minutes early.

4. Be aware of adjustments.

Keep in mind during the yoga sessions your instructor will ask if it is okay to help you adjust. Meaning they are asking if they can touch you to adjust your posture.

It is okay for you to decline or accept, it is all about what makes your feel comfortable. If you decline your yoga instructor can talk you through how to better your posture.

5. The more comfortable you are the better!

When it comes to yoga attire make sure you are comfortable whether it is yoga pants or yoga shirt. Make sure to stay away from loose attire because you want to prevent it from riding up.

Also, keep in mind you will have a better yoga session if you take your socks off.

6. Do not be afraid to use props.

Props and blocks are your best friend when you are new to yoga or if you are advanced in yoga. Props and blocks allow you to get use to the pose until you are ready to move to the next level of the pose.

The props or blocks can be used as a guidance, props and blocks are used more than you think in a yoga class.

7. Water! Water! Water!

After each class make sure you are drinking water, you want to prevent becoming dehydrated after your session.

You also want to flush the toxins out of your body. Drinking water will also help your muscles recover and keep them from cramping to tightening up.

8. Listen to your body.

Remember yoga is for you, just because one student can complete a pose does not mean you should push yourself into a pose that your body is not ready for.

Listen to your body; your body will tell you when your going too far or when you are not doing enough.

Your body is known as a guidance within your yoga session. Do not be afraid to modify your poses, you will get to the full pose when your body is ready.

With these eight tips you will be able to walk into a yoga studio prepared, comfortable, and ready to step on a mat.

You will feel comfortable enough to release and relax any stress or tension that you may feel in your body.

Remember each person in your yoga class has been the new person. Give yourself the chance to enjoy and fill your body up with gratitude.

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