A Letter from Sunny & Steph: AYC Transition Update!

A Letter from Sunny & Steph: AYC Transition Update!

Dearest Asheville Yoga Family,

As you may have heard by now, we are in the process of selling Asheville Yoga Center and the buildings to the non-profit Ayurvedic Institute ( and its sister organization Ayurprana (  Many of you will know of Dr. Vasant Lad who is the Founder and leader of the Ayurvedic Institute. He is well loved, highly revered and respected in both the Yoga and Ayurvedic community.  The closing of the sale is this Thursday, so while the “deal isn’t done” quite yet we wanted to give you a heads up on everything since word is getting out!  Everyone is so excited about this transition, and we hope you are too.

This is our 25th year of serving our local and greater community. And we are so grateful for all of you: students, clients, teachers, staff, worker members, supporters, and curious seekers. We’ve known so many of you since the beginning, back in 1997!  Thanks to each and every one of you that helped make this all possible, whether brand new to the Asheville yoga family, or those who are “lifers” and everyone in between. We know this is a beautiful transition for Asheville Yoga Center.  The Ayurvedic Institute is a huge, loving, and welcoming family, who honor everything we have built together. Immediately, there are zero changes (to schedule, to curriculum, to staffing, to pricing, to memberships, to classes). We all expect a seamless and easy transition for everyone, as we’ve been working on this behind the scenes since last summer.

We feel like it’s a real win-win in that we waited to find and sell to this group. They will be able to not only sustain the yoga center, but they will be bringing all of their yoga adjacent goods and services they already offer to our greater community. They’ve got big plans and it’s an exciting time for the center. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Steph and Sunny are planning on recording a “good-bye video” very soon and should be putting it out there on all the platforms hopefully by the end of week, so stay tuned for a long overdue hello, and good-bye from the original founders.  Again, we couldn’t be happier and more blessed to be able to hand over our “yoga baby” to such beautiful folks at the Ayurvedic Institute.

For the many thousands who have come through our doors, as well as those who have yet to arrive, we honor you, we thank you, we cherish you and we wish you all the love in the world.

Deep Namaste,

Stephanie and Sunny Keach

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