How The Colour Yellow Can Help Boost Your Happiness

How The Colour Yellow Can Help Boost Your Happiness

Did you know that the colours around us have a profound impact upon how we feel? Red is thought to awaken our passion and primal side, whilst colours like blue and turquoise encourage us to feel calm and relaxed. The concept of colour therapy and colour medicine has been used for thousands of years. Even as far back as ancient Egypt, colour and light were used for healing, and the ancient Greeks used minerals, dyes, coloured crystals and painted treatment sanctuaries in various shades of colour. Different colours correspond to specific emotions, feelings and brainwaves, and by using colour, we can shift our state of being.

The Benefits of Yellow

When it comes to using colour as therapy and medicine, yellow was first used to paint cave walls and people’s bodies, as it had a strong affinity to the power of the sun, as well as the value of gold. Today, we know that wearing or surrounding ourselves with the colour yellow can help influence our minds to feel happier, brighter, more spontaneous, and even more creative. Most research suggests yellow makes us feel this way because our brains associate the colour with sunlight, which also helps us feel happier, more energised and uplifted. Here are just some of the ways the colour yellow can improve how we feel on a daily basis:

Yellow Increases Energy Levels

Being associated with the energising power of the sun, the colour yellow is said to help boost our energy levels. Advertisers even know this, and they often use yellow in small amounts to help us feel stimulated and excited about a promotion. As a stimulating colour, yellow is wonderful to include in props for your dynamic yoga practice.

Yellow Helps Boost Your Mood

Need a little lift? Bring more yellow into your life! The colour is associated with cheerfulness and optimism, which is especially important to consider if you often feel low, or if you suffer from low moods during Autumn and Winter months (commonly referred to as seasonal-affective-disorder). Slipping on a yellow piece of clothing, practicing yoga on a yellow mat, or simply wrapping yourself in a cosy yellow blanket can go a long way towards supporting your mood.

Yellow Helps You Feel Powerful

The colour yellow is linked to the Manipura Chakra, or Solar Plexus, which is our energy centre of power. This Chakra represents our ability to feel confident, strong, alert, and also our ability to mentally and physically digest things well. If you feel like your confidence needs a boost, or you want to build physical and mental strength in your yoga practice, consider using more yellow props to power yourself up.

Yellow Increases Creativity

Research shows that warming colours such as red, orange and especially yellow can help increase our creativity and energy flow, enhancing inspiration and even aid in our ability to think through problems with greater ease. For those days when you need a little mental boost, or you want to reawaken your creative side, surround yourself with yellow and see how quickly you notice the difference. For yoga teachers who want to think up more creative class sequences, practice on a yellow mat, or use a yellow journal to write down your ideas.

Yellow Enhances Spontaneity

Having a routine is beneficial for our mental health and focus, but being spontaneous is also wonderfully balancing for those of us who live busy, structured lives. Research shows that today, only 12% of adults describe themselves as spontaneous, whilst almost 40% admit they’re the complete opposite – rarely stepping out of their comfort zone. Being more spontaneous can help us feel happier, more optimistic, more present and positive about life, which are all important aspects for our mental wellbeing. Whether you want to feel more spontaneous in your yoga practice, at work, or in life, try bringing more yellow into your life with props, blankets, journals and the clothing you choose each day.

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Now you know how yellow can make us feel happier, how will you bring more of it into your life?

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