Bed Yoga with Donna Noble

Bed Yoga with Donna Noble

At first glance, your bed may seem like an unusual place for yoga.  Yet, when you consider those subtle stretches you may automatically do upon waking up, it becomes apparent your bed can be a cosy space for some yoga poses.

Doing yoga on your bed provides your body with an opportunity to move, which can either invigorate you for the day ahead or promote relaxation as you wind down and you prepare for sleep.

Special thanks to Birch Selsdon for enabling us to use one of their beautiful rooms to shoot these poses –

Child’s Pose

Start on your bed on hands and knees in a tabletop position.  Bring your big toes together as close as possible.   Then lower your hips down to your heels or as close as possible and extend your arms forward. You can widen your knees to make space for your stomach.  Alternatively, you can bring your knees together and place your hands alongside the body with the palm facing up.  if your forehand does not touch the bed, place a block beneath your forehead (or substitute with a large book or pillow).

For added comfort and support, consider placing a bolster or pillow beneath your head and chest, allowing you to rest your head to one side.

Stay here as long as you feel comfortable.


Transition from the Child’s Pose to a tabletop position.   Place your hands underneath your shoulders and knees beneath your hips.   Always remember to adapt the pose to suit your body.

Start by directing your gaze downwards.  Inhale as you arch your back, lifting your chin and chest up and if your neck allows, look upwards towards the ceiling.  Exhale as you round your spine.

Repeat this sequence as many times as you prefer.

Seated side stretch and twist

Come to a comfortable seated or kneeling position. Place your left hand on your right knee and extend your right arm upwards and over to the left.  You can select where you wish to have your gaze (the floor, towards the front or ceiling).   Come back to the centre, then Repeat on the other side.

Then, place your right hand on the bed with your elbow slightly bent.   Reach your left arm overhead and lean towards the right (feel free to keep the elbow bent if you have any shoulder issues).  You can select where you wish to have your gaze (the floor, towards the front or ceiling).   Come back to centre repeat on the other side.  Take three breaths here.

Forward Fold

Begin by sitting and extend your legs out in front of you. As you hinge at your waist slowly lower your torso, allowing your arms to drape naturally beside you or extending your arms forward to hold the big toes or the outsides of the feet.  For added comfort and space in your stomach area, consider separating the legs, or enhance your relaxation by supporting your chest with a soft pillow or bolster.

Should you find your hips sinking down or tilting backward, alleviate this by sliding a pillow or block beneath your hips. If you experience tightness in the back of your legs, gently bend your knees.

Take 4 breaths here.

Bridge Pose

Lie down to your back and bend your knees placing the feet a comfortable distance from the hips.  Keep knees with your feet approx. hip distance apart.  Hands should be on the bed parallel to the body with the palms pressing down.  Or you can bend your elbows (90 degrees0 so that your fingers are pointing to the ceiling. Press down through your feet and hands and lift your hips off the bed. Lengthen the back of your neck by tucking your chin in slightly towards your chest.   Slowly release lower your hips, until your tailbone reaches the bed.

Take 5 breaths here.


Lie down on your back taking up as much space as you like.  Separate your legs – allowing your feet fall away from each other.  If this is not comfortable – place a bolster beneath the knees for added support.  Extend your arms slightly away from your body palms facing towards the ceiling, with the fingers curled in slightly.

Allowing the body to feel completely relaxed.

Stay for a minimum of five minutes or longer if you wish

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