The Benefits of Infrared Heat

The Benefits of Infrared Heat

Have you had a chance to experience our new infrared sauna at Restore Spa or heated, infrared classes at Healthworks Cambridge?

Infrared heat therapy comes with a long list of incredible benefits for your mental and physical wellness, aiding in your movement, health and recovery. With temperatures at less than 100 degrees, you actually get deeper benefits than a traditional sauna, heated workout class or working up a sweat out in the sun. Infrared saunas emit a wavelength of light that your body absorbs differently, without excess heat and on a cellular level. The benefits of this type of heat include:

Detoxification: Infrared light waves penetrate deep to eliminate toxins that accumulate and disrupt well-being from toxic heavy metals, medications, the environment, and hormones while also supporting lymphatic drainage and the body’s detox systems.
Heart Health: Infrared technology has been clinically proven to increase circulation like a passive cardio workout, and temporarily reduce blood pressure.
Anti-aging: The infrared light therapy panel helps stimulate cell growth and rejuvenate the skin. Sweat also helps your skins’ appearance by opening up your pores and increasing the expression of collagen.
Muscle Recovery: Infrared light waves penetrate joints, improves flexibility, relieves muscle soreness, and aid in tissue regeneration.
Immunity: Infrared activates the immune system by raising core body temperature, aiding in an increased production of white blood cells, which can help the body to more effectively fight off illnesses.
Stress-Relief and Relaxation: Sweating out your stress can help balance cortisol levels, relax muscles, and relieve tension throughout your body. Time spent in the sauna is also a great opportunity for mindfulness and meditation.
Boost Metabolism: Increasing core body temperature affects circulation like cardio exercise, stimulating sluggish metabolism, and helps eliminate toxins that cause fat storage, making sauna a great support to weight management.

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