Meet Tara Lee

Meet Tara Lee

Tara Lee is a yoga teacher and trainer specialising in pregnancy health yoga. We caught up with Tara to learn more about her background and practices…

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What does a typical day look like for you? 

I wake up around 7am and walk my dog in the park. I then do my yoga practice and/or some breathwork/meditation. Sometimes I will practice yoga in the evening and I regularly do Yoga Nidra.

I teach yoga classes and do one to one nutritional therapy consultations during the day. I also run Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training courses and am often travelling teaching yoga or practicing nutrition on retreats. I have 2 teenage children.

How did your yoga journey begin and what inspired you to become a yoga teacher

I discovered yoga while at Bristol University 30 years ago while studying Psychology. 

I studied yoga because I loved how it made me feel and found the philosophy fascinating. I felt inspired to become a yoga teacher over time as I wanted to help others feel better and share my knowledge. I also studied Shiatsu and Chinese medicine before I completed my yoga teacher training course in 2001.

What inspired you to specialize in your practice?

I specialized in pregnancy yoga after about 10 years of teaching. I was always fascinated by this area and after experiencing the benefits first hand wanted to share my love of yoga with other pregnant women and help them feel their best during their pregnancy and prepare for birth.

How have you seen yoga benefit your students?

All the time! I particularly like to see people fall in love with yoga on retreats when they are more immersed in the practice. I see how much it helps my pregnant students avoid aches and pains and prepare them for birth and motherhood. 

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

Our bodies live in the past, our minds in the future. When these two come together in the present moment, this is YOGA! 

What’s coming up for you in 2024?

I am running a pregnancy yoga teacher training course with Yogarise in Peckham. I also teach a module on their 200 hour teacher training.

I have a few yoga retreats lined up in the UK and abroad.

I have recently launched an online yoga library with a members subscription so will be adding lots of new classes to that. 

I am continuing my studies in nutrition this year to further my knowledge and stay up to date with current research! 


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