5 Poses to Feel More Radiance

5 Poses to Feel More Radiance

Dirish Shaktidas takes us through five poses to boost our mood and make us feel more radiant.

Read on to discover the poses and how to bring this routine into your daily routine…

Seated Shoulder Twist

Buckle up for some vibrant vibes! As you flow through these moves, don’t forget to take those breaths that practically shimmer with energy. Picture each inhale as a burst of vibrant light flooding your body, and each exhale as a release of any stagnant energy that’s been cramping your style.

With each repetition, feel those breaths working their magic, like a gentle reset button for your organs. It’s like giving your body a mini spa day, allowing all that pent-up energy to flow freely once again.

So go ahead, inhale that vibrancy, exhale that stagnation, and let your energy dance and flow like never before!

Stretch Pose

Let’s talk Stretch Pose! This iconic stretch is all about activating your third chakra, the navel point. It’s like hitting the reset button for your entire nervous system while giving your abs a serious workout.

Here’s the drill: Lie on your back and lift your noggin and heels about 6 inches off the ground. Your arms can chill above your thighs with palms facing down (no touching those legs!) or hang out alongside your legs with palms facing your bod (again, no touching).

Now, here’s the fun part: Lock eyes with those toes of yours and stretch them away from your body like you mean it. We’re talking serious toe-pointing action here!

But wait, there’s more! Get ready to fire it up with some Breath of Fire for a solid minute. Keep those lips sealed and pump that naval with short, sharp exhalations. It’s like stoking the flames of your inner fire!

After your fiery breath session, lay back and soak in the vibes from this activated Stretch Pose. Trust me, you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Archer Pose

Alright, let’s get into the Archer Pose! It might push you a bit, but trust me, it’s a simple yet powerful way to ignite the Radiance within and amp up that Navel Center.

Start by stepping your right foot forward, giving yourself a good 2-3 feet of space between your feet. Make sure those right toes are pointing straight ahead, while the left foot angles at about 45 degrees, with the heel firmly planted and the toes facing forward. Keep that left leg strong and straight, while you gracefully bend your right knee until it’s almost level with the ground (just make sure it doesn’t creep past those toes).

Now, let’s get those hands in on the action! Curl your fingers into your palms, thumbs pulling back like you mean it. Imagine you’re pulling back a mighty bow and arrow: raise that right arm up and stretch it forward, parallel to the ground over your right knee. At the same time, bend that left arm at the elbow, drawing it back until your fist lands right at your left shoulder. And hey, don’t forget to lock eyes with your thumb for some extra focus!

Hold the pose for a solid 2 minutes on each side, and feel that radiant energy coursing through you. You’re basically in yoga superhero in training!

Standing Torso Twist

Alright, let’s get into it! Start by standing tall with your feet firmly planted and your arms relaxed at your sides.

Inhale deeply, imagine your spine growing taller, and feel your chest lift with each breath.

As you exhale, get ready to twist! Rotate your torso to the right, keeping those hips facing forward. Plant your left hand on your right hip and place your right hand on the small of your back for support.

Now, take a deep breath and sink into that twist. Feel the stretch along your spine and through your torso as you continue to breathe deeply.

When you’re ready, inhale again and smoothly transition to the left side. Go at your own pace, feeling each movement as you twist.

After you’ve completed both sides, stand tall, take a moment to appreciate your body, and breathe deeply before moving on to your next adventure.

Right Nostril Breathing

Get comfy, find your Zen spot, and let’s dive in: close that pesky right nostril with your right thumb, take a deep breath in through the left nostril, then switch it up, sealing off the left nostril with your ring finger or pinky, and exhale through the right nostril. Keep this going for a cool two minutes. After 2-5 minutes be still in tranquil. 

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