Confidence Courage and Consistency for Men through Yoga

Confidence Courage and Consistency for Men through Yoga

More and more men are stepping on to the yoga mat. Just getting to the mat in itself can be a tumultuous process and many Men have jumped over some hurdles to do so. These hurdles, real or not, have brought Men to a breaking point. At first it was hard for us and perhaps the most difficult and challenging thing we have ever done.

These are the myths which were in the way of my own personal journey and I am sure for some of you here on yours too. Let’s continue to smash these myths and misconceptions together to gain better health, both physical and mental.


Yoga is not for men

This is a myth as yoga was predominantly propagated by men. In spite of that, it was embraced mainly by western women as early as the 1920’s in America and more commonly from the 60’s throughout the western hemisphere and blown to ever increasing proportion in today’s time, leaving men to catch up to the benefits to be had for all people. Now is the time for Men.

I am not flexible

A common saying I hear is ‘I am not flexible enough’ which is what is really being said is ‘I am afraid to look ridiculous,  I really need this’.

This is as close to saying ‘I am too dirty to take a bath’. This is one of the best reasons to start. No one is good at anything at the beginning. Men can also feel intimidated in the studio  by ‘Bendy Becky’ who was more than likely trained in ballet from the age of 3. To all intent and purposes Becky is not looking at your inflexibility. She’s more focused on her own body’s needs, like most folks in the yoga studio. Yoga is not competitive nor is it a race; most people in yoga classes are there for different reasons, they all have a need and that’s why they are there. Take care of yours and know that your time is  coming. The practice is for self-mastery and it is a slow and long journey. The results along the way are tremendous and fulfilling.

All yoga is the same

Another one is it’s all yoga or all yoga is the same. Not so, there is a practice for everyone’s needs. Dynamic practices to build strength and endurance, slow meditative practices, ones that focus on breath. Some even focus on sound, and even fluid dance-like practices that also build strength. I created Afrikan Yoga because I did not see anyone who looked like me or was teaching from my cultural perspective that could provide all the physical benefits that yoga provides aligning with my cultural background. Even if you do not end up doing this practice as a default, learning it can enhance your regular practice or the yoga that becomes your default practice.

Yoga is a religion

Historically yoga is associated with Hinduism and Buddhism but surprisingly it is non-religious. You can be from any religion, be agnostic, or non-religious and practice yoga. Yoga speaks to us all which is why we are taught by the earliest teachers that yoga is universal.  With that being said, Yoga is a word found in Sanskrit and also found in Ge’ez in Ethiopia, Africa yet practiced all over the world from ancient times under different guises and names as a means to connect to the source within. The energy and spirit of yoga is actually tied to devotion and to be devoted nurtures the Love energy. Even atheists are in Love and we all need Love in our lives. Yoga is a connection to source so anyone from any religion can gain the benefits of yoga.

Can’t get a sweat or good workout.

Yoga will test your strength your endurance as well as your flexibility, those who say it’s not a proper workout more than likely never went to a class or just dropped into one without researching it first. Yoga is primarily the best workout you never had. Improving all aspects of your bio-mechanical body function and movement. Calling all fitness enthusiasts and athletes, yoga will improve your performance, prevent injury and will give you that calm edge in competitions. To those who pump weights, yoga will make you stronger and help with muscle recovery, strengthens the joints and help to reduce tension in the ligaments and sinews.

You have to be a vegan to practice yoga

There is the yogic philosophy of non-violence so killing animals for sport or food is not encouraged, however one of the biggest and overlooked philosophy is the dropping of guilt and blame. Yoga teaches us to be responsible for our thoughts and feelings and how we treat each other as well as animals. Do not let eating meat stop you from practicing as you will benefit greatly from the physical aspect of the system of yoga and still honour and enjoy your meals. Learn from your body and listen to what it needs and in time you will modify eating habits as well as all other habits to define your lifestyle.

I don’t have time

Another hurdle is the concept of time. What you make time for is what you value. When we allow stress, hurts, worries and arguments to take over your mind space we are in affect making these valuable to us and losing the value in ourselves.  You can do a practice or series that will take anything from 10 minutes to an hour, this is time well spent on us. Once you have learnt a few postures, begin to apply them daily and develop the discipline to increase the time because now you’re gaining the benefits. Creating jewels for yourself you never thought you could have.

“Yoga challenges all our perceptions of what it is to be manly and what we believe to even be human in today’s modern world. Yet yoga informs us and amplifies our confidence.”

Men have a great deal of pride and want to be seen as strong, reliable and mostly capable. Anxiety and depression are also a plight with more men committing suicide.

Yoga improves your libido, amongst men the rise erectile dysfunction to epidemic proportions is not spoken about cause most men will not admit it unless the back is against the wall and called out by a girlfriend or wife. This is no longer an old man issue but men as early as in their 20’s and 30’s have ED. Every day practice of yoga can balance out the hormones, improve circulation and reverse the issues around ED, improving the libido.

Yoga is a powerful aid to depression and mental health. We Can do this!!

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