Why I Move… With Alice Liveing

Why I Move… With Alice Liveing

Alice Liveing was at the cusp of the wellness boom as a PT, fitness ambassador and social media phenomenon. Much like the industry, Alice has evolved and her approach to vigorous fitness has rerouted. Finding balance in her training, Alice chats to us about how she finds joy through fitness and how she uses social media to spread her zeal for exercise. Specialising in strength training, Alice has honed her skills as a trainer by helping others feel stronger, her passion is infectious and being a total powerhouse herself, there’s no wonder she’s continued to retain such a strong community of followers over ten years down the line. Delving into how she fuels, prioritises recovery and seeks motivation, Alice shares all her tips and tricks on why she moves!

Why do you move?

Moving is something that makes me feel my very best. It clears my mind, helps me to relieve stress, focuses me on fuelling my body, makes me feel strong, and it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing. 

What are some of your earliest recollections of physical activity as a child? 

I’ve danced for as long as I have walked, and it was a huge part of my life growing up. I originally dreamed of being a professional dancer, but ended up pursuing musical theatre instead. I was never a sporty kid, however, so dance was my way of moving my body. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in fitness? 

I love how fitness makes people feel. Exercise can turn your life around. It can literally change you as a person, and give you so much strength and empowerment. I love being a part of that journey, particularly for women. It’s the best job in the world for me.

What type of fitness do you regularly incorporate into your routine? 

Strength training, boxing and walking. These are my favourite ways to move my body right now. 

How do you use nutrition as a tool to better your performance?

Green Chef is my secret weapon for helping me feel my best. For me, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. If I don’t fuel my body and give it what it needs, then I don’t feel as energised for my workouts. Fueling my body so that I have sustained energy throughout the day is just as important to me as my morning workout. Having my fridge stocked with a variety of delicious dinners from Green Chef lets me listen to my hunger cues and know that I can easily whip up something nutritious. 

What is your go-to meal post-workout? 

My go-to meal post-workout is always a Green Chef ‘quick’ meal. This tasty plant-powered Harissa Nut Stuffed Portobello Mushroom dish takes 25 minutes to whip up and has nearly 16g of protein. I love exploring the variety of dishes Green Chef offers as it challenges me to try new things and breaks me away from any recipe ruts. 

How has your approach to fitness evolved since you entered the industry? 

My approach has changed so much. When I started out in the fitness industry, I was laser-focused on being as lean as possible. It felt like my abs were my advertising and I really felt the pressure to maintain this physique to prove that I was good at what I did. What I quickly realised though, was that being lean wasn’t necessarily conducive to being healthy, and I had to basically go back to the drawing board to really learn and understand what being ‘healthy’ truly meant. This meant addressing my relationship with food, with my body and with exercise, and I can now thankfully say that I have found such a happy place where I feel I have a good balance with all those things. 

How do you prioritise recovery and listen to your body’s cues? 

After any workout, fueling your body so that it gets the nourishment it needs is the most important thing. Making sure that my post-workout meal has enough protein and carbs to replenish my body and support my weight training can be time-consuming. That’s why I love Green Chef – their meals are created by Registered Nutritionists and the recipe cards show the macros for each meal so I’m always informed about what I am eating. It’s a big help when I’m back late in the evening and I know my fridge is stocked with goodness. 

I look at my week ahead and choose a selection of recipes that support my workout routine. For example, if I know I have an intense weight session on Thursday, I’ll make sure to choose a recipe with a ‘high protein’ tag for that day. 

What motivates you to exercise?

The ‘feel good’ factor. Nothing beats that feeling post-workout and that sense of accomplishment. I also am very motivated by strength goals, or skill-based goals like getting 10 pull-ups in a row, or improving a boxing combination. I love the journey of learning new things all the time and that really motivates me. 

How are you reshaping the conversation on social media about fitness to focus less on body image? 

I guess there are quite a few things I do that I think help this: 

• I don’t use my body to sell my services. I’m a great coach, with years of experience, so I don’t need to use my body to sell this. I think we massively underestimate how much genetics etc play a role in how someone looks, and so it’s disingenuous to sell training programmes or products off the back of one person’s physique.

• I am so careful with language. How we speak about our bodies, especially within the fitness space is so important in shaping a positive relationship with exercise. This means that I’m very conscious about the language I use online and in my coaching. 

• My content is all about education. I want to empower women to feel stronger in themselves and get the most from their training, and that has nothing to do with how they look. Education gives them the knowledge they need to go on their own fitness journey and so I focus my energies here. 

What is your favourite exercise class in London right now? 

Outside of my app Give Me Strength, I am loving JAB boxing club. I go twice a week and I’m totally obsessed. The vibes are excellent, and I’ve never once been in a class where a coach has mentioned diet culture narratives. It’s all about feeling strong and powerful and I love that. 

What are the fitness essentials that help you stay on track?

Met Cons are the best lifting shoes I’ve ever tried. I love my Oura ring for a more holistic approach to exercise and recovery. I use LMNT hydration sachets when I’ve had a particularly sweaty session. But beyond that, there’s little I use or need to feel my best except consistent training and mostly nourishing food. 

If you’re in a rut with your fitness regime, what is your one tip of advice for pulling yourself out? 

Start small. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get right back to it. Start with a short walk, something that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up without the pressure of ‘needing’ to do a certain amount. And be kind to yourself. Very few of us have unlimited amounts of motivation. We all mostly go through waves of feeling super motivated, and not, and that’s ok. Ease yourself back in, and make it work for you. And, make sure whatever you’re doing is something you enjoy!

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