Back Bay Renovation

Back Bay Renovation

We are thrilled to announce that we are renovating Healthworks Back Bay!

This will include an expanded fitness floor, member lounge, and front desk area to elevate your experience from check in to post-workout. The result is going to be a spacious, modern and open area for more workouts, equipment, recovery and relaxation.

Our club will soon feature:

Modern and expanded cardio and strength area with more benches, dumbbells, and kettlebells
A second, spacious turf area to work out and stretch
Day lockers for your convenience
A new member lounge to relax, work, and chat with friends
A new Member Service Desk and staff work areas, allowing us to provide better member service


Contingent on permits and other approvals, we expect to start our renovation in the next few weeks and finish sometime in August. As the renovation timeline is fluid, we will send regular communication that will explain upcoming work and impacts like how to enter the club and access certain areas of the club.

What to Expect
There will be a reduction in cardio equipment during the renovation; for example approximately10 treadmills will be available instead of 28. We expect throughout the construction period that areas of the club will be closed, however:

The studios and HWX group class schedule will not be impacted
All equipment will still be available in reduced quantities
The vast majority of active construction work will occur between 6 AM and 4 PM. Evenings will not be impacted by active construction work.

Your Workout Options

We plan to keep the club open throughout the renovation period, but we understand it may impact your workout routine. To help you through the summer, we plan to offer the following options:

Beginning May 1, all Back Bay members will have complimentary access to other our other Healthworks Group clubs, which include Healthworks Coolidge Corner and Cambridge, Republic Fitness in Downtown Boston and GymIt Brookline and Watertown.
HWX Summer Series will be returning! We are working on finalizing our schedule to bring you weekly outdoor fitness offerings throughout Cambridge, Boston and Brookline with all of your favorite HWX instructors. Learn more
HWX Digital Studio is included with your membership, allowing you to enjoy 1000s of on demand and live, in-club classes you can take anywhere your summer adventures take you!
If the above options don’t provide you with what you’re looking for, we will also be offering a no-cost membership freeze from June 1 through the end of August. Click here to freeze your membership.

We will keep you updated via email on the renovation timeline and are excited to enhance the club by providing more space and equipment for you to reach your wellness goals. Please also follow along here on our blog.

If you have any questions, please email Thank you for your patience!



Q: How do I stay up to date on what is happening? 

A: We will be sending out regular emails to all Back Bay members updating you on the progress and impact of the renovation.  If you are not getting the emails: 

If you aren’t receiving emails, please log into our app to verify/update the email address we have on file for you. 

Ensure the email you see in the app is Opted into our Club Update emails., enter your email address, check the box next to Club Update Emails (and we recommend marketing emails) and click Update Subscription preferences. 

In addition, to emails we will always keep our page up to date. Finally, for any urgent communication we will send push messages in our app. To test, open the app and go to … | My Settings | Notifications | Test Notification System 


Q: What are my membership options during the renovation? 

A: All Back Bay Members will have access to other Healthworks Group clubs during the renovation, including Healthworks Coolidge Corner and Cambridge, GymIt Watertown and Brookline and Republic Fitness in Downtown Boston.  

We will also be offering Back Bay members a no cost freeze option for our members during this time.  

If you have any questions about your membership or options that are available to you, please talk to a club manager, or contact the club General Manager, Aubrey Davis at 

Bathrooms/Locker Room 

Q: Will the amenities be affected by the renovation? 

A: During the renovation there will be a few weeks when the amenities on the large side of the locker room, including showers, whirlpool, steam room, and sauna, will be closed. While we are not sure about that timeline, we will give our members at least two weeks’ notice of the closure and the small side of the locker room, and the showers there, will remain open.   

HWX (Group Fitness) 

Q: Will group fitness be affected by the renovation? 

A: We do not anticipate any major disturbance to our group fitness schedule. All studios will remain open. If anything changes, we will do our best to notify members in a timely manner.  

Fitness Equipment 

Q: Will members have access to all equipment offered during the renovation? 

A: The Strength floor and Fitness Training Room will be unaffected by the renovation. All strength equipment on the top floor will be available. Cardio equipment will remain available, however, the amount of equipment available will be reduced for the majority of the renovation. Selectorized strength equipment on the cardio floor will not be available during this time.  

Noise, Smells, Dust 

Q: Will there be a lot of disturbances in the club? 

A: During the renovation, there will be noise, dust, and occasional smells associated with paint, etc. We will do our best to communicate when there are paint fumes and other smells, as well as particularly loud projects. 

Work occurs generally from 6 AM to 4 PM. Updates to the work schedule will be available every two weeks. We will be using no VOC paint for this project. Wi-Fi internet in the club will be limited and subject to outages throughout the renovation.  


Q: When will the renovation start 

A: We expect to start about a week after the City of Boston grants our building permits. We expect this to be sometime between May 13, 2024 and June 3, 2024 

Q: When will the renovation end 

A: At this time, we expect the renovation will finish sometime in August. We will communicate an exact date closer to completion. 

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