Why to go for Yoga Instructor Training Even if You Don’t Want to Teach?

Why to go for Yoga Instructor Training Even if You Don’t Want to Teach?

The feeling of being ready for change

In the competitive scenario, where people are working day and night to earn more and more money, yoga is one thing that will help you in feeling alive. Being a part of a good yoga instructor training will not only change your perspective toward Yoga but also towards life.

Personal practice will deepen

When you go to a teacher training retreat like the ubud yoga retreat, you will witness how the instructors give more time to deepen your personal practice of Yoga. They will answer all your queries and with consistent practice, you will learn to master the poses which earlier seemed difficult.

You will learn new skills of Yoga

The yoga teacher training will not only make you practice Yoga, but will cover the anatomy, history, physiology, and alignment, which are all vital to learn if you want to become a yoga instructor. You will learn a lot more about Yoga than just the postures and sequences of Yoga.

Explore beyond the physical aspect of Yoga

A yoga instructor training will make you understand that it is not only about the physical practice but also the internal practice. Yoga is about bringing the mind to focus on the present moment with the synchronization of breathing and understanding of sensations.

Learn about the body-mind connection

Your pattern of breathing varies with your emotions and breaths are the link between your body and mind. One of the best retreats to experience the effect of Pranayama which is all about breathing technique is the Ubud Yoga Retreat because Ubud lies amid the beauty of nature.

You will understand spirituality

When in the retreat, you will spend time contemplating about the happenings around you and your inner self, there would be certain things that you would want to change. And, growing close to spirituality is personal, your instructor will not guide you for it. You will have to find your way!

Challenge yourself physically and mentally

When you plan to become a yoga instructor, you should know that it is going to be hard and is not like the self-planned lifestyles. You practice Yoga for almost 3-4 hours daily and new challenges will come-up your way,everyday, be it physically or mentally.

You will explore your inner self

If you want to know how to take up the responsibility of your life? With the study of philosophy and the self, you will come to know that your life will be the outcome of the choices that you make. In yoga instructor training, you will get ample time spend with yourself and comprehend what exactly you want from life.

Share the joy with others

Going on a retreat will help you in one way or the other and what would be better than spreading the joy that Yoga has brought in your life. For instance, you can suggest people try the ubud yoga retreat and witness the beauty of nature while connecting with their inner-self.

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