Safe & Found – 2020 Yoga Retreat Guidelines

Safe & Found – 2020 Yoga Retreat Guidelines

We’re thrilled that Montana re-opened for tourism June 1. We’ve been busy rebooking cowgirl yoginis from canceled retreats, and adding newcomers too.

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We are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy while you find your inner cowgirl and add a little Yeehaw to your Namaste on retreat.

Here’s an idea of what to expect on retreat with us for Cowgirl Yoga at the B Bar Ranch in July and September.

Plus, there’s still a handful of spots left on all 3 retreats!

Accommodations, Lodge & Dining 

  • A thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces within the A-frames cabins, Lodge and Yoga Yurt will happen prior to your arrival.
  • All bed linens, including quilts and blankets, will be cleaned and changed in guest rooms between each guest departure/arrival.
  • Each guest room will be supplied with a sanitizing solution and paper towels for guests’ use between bathroom uses, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the common areas for guest use.
  • Ranch staff will sanitize common area surfaces to include door handles, light switches, hard top surfaces every two hours between 7 am-9 pm.
  • Ranch staff will wear masks when working in the kitchen/dining area and any other time that a six foot distance cannot be maintained between guests and other staff.
  • Meals will be served buffet style with ranch staff serving. Guests will be asked to limit numbers standing in line in order to maintain safe distance.
  • As the ranch staff have all been here in Montana in an isolated location, the B Bar team’s preference is that out-of-state guests are encouraged to wear masks when six feet distance isn’t possible (e.g. walking through the buffet line). We will have disposable masks available, and you will also find a cute horse pattern fabric mask in your goodie bag. 
    PLEASE NOTE: We are not requiring you to wear a mask throughout your retreat. Our request is for a specific scenario (e.g. buffet line) when it is our preference that you do so. Also, please be respectful of anyone who chooses to wear a mask at other times. 

Yoga Yurt

  • In the Yoga Yurt, we will maintain a six foot distancing between mats. 
  • You are encouraged to bring your own mat – if you choose to use one of ours, you will be required to clean it before your first use and when you finish at the end of the retreat. You will keep the same mat for the entire weekend. Name tags will be provided. 
  • You will be given a block, strap and bolster for your use during the entire weekend. There will be cleaning supplies on hand for sanitizing them at any time. You are welcome to bring your own props if you like. 
  • While we won’t be practicing hot yoga, we still aim to build heat in our vinyasa practices, and will provide sweat towels that are yours to keep. 

Horse Groundwork & Riding

  • We’ll have helmet sanitizer available at the barn for use before and after each ride. Please use hand sanitizer before putting on your helmet. You are welcome to bring your own helmet, but we recognize that can make packing challenging.  
  • Our horse crew will sanitize tack and equipment between different riders.
  • Please bring lightweight riding gloves! We love these and the price is right. However, almost any glove will work just fine. Please no mittens or winter gloves! 
  • The horses will wear masks (just kidding). 

*** NOTE: All attendees will be requited to sign our health declaration upon arrival.***

Here’s some great pre-retreat reading:

  • Things to Know While Visiting Bozeman During COVID-19 Recovery
  • More about our approach to small, “bootique” retreats

We look forward to working together to create an amazing yoga retreat, for you and everyone you are sharing it with! Yeehaw & Namaste.

Photos by Larry Stanley, who will be offering Cowgirl Yoga photo sessions on retreat! 

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