Effective weight loss is eating five meals a day

Having lunch and afternoon tea in the form of small meals has one great advantage: it prevents greater drops in blood sugar levels, resulting in the feeling of hunger. And because you eat more hungry, your dinners may exceed the allotted limits and inhibit weight loss.

Rethinking what you will eat tomorrow is a great way to stay on a diet and not eat fattening things. It will allow you to plan meals eaten at work (and prepare them in advance), make a shopping list and get used to fixed meal times. Thanks to this, you will not be forced to eat fast food, because you forgot to take something to work, and you will be able to easily control what and how much you eat throughout the day.

If you are dieting, focus on eating
This does not mean, of course, that meals should be eaten in solitude, silence and concentration. However, it is worth resigning from eating in front of the TV – too much interest in the program may end up in a minor sin in the form of a top-up, or a dessert made of chips or sweets. However, it would be good to eat meals on small plates (then the portion will seem larger), chew them thoroughly and, very importantly, compose them so that they are tasty. Only extremely strong-willed people can eat only things that they don’t like for months.


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