The SMART method will help you set your goal

Basically, your goal should be specific (weight loss), achievable, measurable and timely (x kilos dropped in x months) and attractive (should satisfy you). Divide the total goal, e.g. 10 kg less in 5 months into steps, e.g. about 2 kg less every month. This will allow you to stay motivated by the feeling of effectiveness. The lack of a clearly defined goal and a strategy to achieve it is associated with discouragement and premature resignation from weight loss [5], so consider the goal and individual stages even more carefully.

What if it fails? Enjoy what you manage to do. Maybe you won’t lose 10 kg and 6 kg, but your waist and hips will drop significantly? Cool! Numbers are just numbers, and your satisfaction with your body shape and well-being is really important. Each success, even a small one, deserves appreciation.

How to start losing weight? First, think about what your goal is. Since you are reading this, you probably want to improve your figure, but maybe it is also worth working on digestive comfort or lipid profile. The goal you will strive for should be something that you yourself want and that will motivate you all the way [2]. Something that results from your own needs – only such a goal will be strong enough to give you energy for further work in harder times and ultimately help you achieve the desired effect.

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