An old song, or a warm-up.

Robert Zakrzewski: “First, a warm-up” – said a PE teacher to his students. But when he wasn’t looking, the youth skipped some of the exercises. Years later, they themselves, of their own accord, lean against the trees as if they wanted to knock them down, or move their limbs strangely. In a moment, start and you have to warm up, although the teacher is no longer looking. Just as?

Everyone heard about the warm-up, including people not related to sports. According to the dictionary definition, it is a set of movement exercises that precede training or start. Each player has their own way of warming up, but everyone agrees that it is an essential part of a sporting life.

This time, Jurek Skarżyński, in his next article, offers us to get acquainted with the heart rate monitors: What are the times! Something that 30-40 years ago, due to technical problems, was an unattainable dream of every ambitious competitor of endurance competitions (especially his trainer), because if used skillfully in everyday training, it could give a huge advantage over its rivals, today you can buy it in any watch shop. Admittedly, the word watch seems a bit confusing in this case, because although this device also supports advanced watch functions, its primary role is to measure your heart rate while running.

Together, Jurek Skarżynski, in his article, encourages people who feel that their weight disturbs them and would like to join the group of those who in sports attire pass them in parks and on the streets, covering the next kilometers. However, he points out that in order to run well and burn fat, you also need to … take care of a good diet. We invite you to read another very interesting article by Jurek.

Are you obese or just overweight. What makes it possible to classify people in this respect? This is determined by the BMI – i.e. Body Mass Index. This is the result of dividing your body weight (in kg) by the square of your height (in meters). When the BMI is above 25 – you are overweight, but when it exceeds 30 – it is already a sign of obesity.

If you dream about running half of the marathon distance, and you don’t know how to go about it yet, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of a trainer – Tomek Sobczyk – an experienced runner – you will make your dream come true. Tomasz Sobczyk (born in 1977 in Wrocław) – 2nd class trainer, physical education teacher, represents the Luks Zórawina club, graduated from the University of Physical Education in Wrocław.

For three months, starting in June, we will publish further tips from our expert every two weeks. We have hard work ahead of us, but also a fantastic adventure. We wish you a lot of strength and patience, as well as satisfaction in overcoming obstacles. “Well, let the leg turn well.” Plan your autumn half marathon and train with Tomek.

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