“I shake my pants before marathons” – that is, advice – from choosing a target to my marathon debut

Maybe the royal distance is not in your head yet, you are just getting ready to specify your goal, or maybe you are just in the phase of its implementation? Before you take your first step on the marathon route, read on for advice from more experienced runners. It is true that each person is different, uses their own methods of meditation, preparation, preparation, but regardless of the level of advancement – the general rules of pre-marathon hygiene are the same for everyone.

America is unlikely to be discovered on this topic, because the history of the marathon runs as far back as 490 BCE. There was a lot of time for trial and error until every runner in training came to very similar conclusions.

Let’s follow the situation from the very beginning and recall the basic tips. Then think for yourself and weave them through your imagination. Many advice, and each of them is undoubtedly valuable in its own way.

Beautiful fear

Hi how are you? I said with a slight lift of the corner of my mouth.
I hear your heart. Was it at the sight of me? I whispered in his ear. But I knew that the reason for this was elsewhere. I was teasing because I finally saw his true face. I saw the fear.
Don’t worry, it will be the most beautiful day of your life. You will remember him forever. – I smiled as sincerely as I could.
I will be rooting for you. I believe in you.

Fear of the first marathon can beat even the strongest man. It is no different with runners. I, too, was filled with apprehension.Most importantly, fear is the most natural emotion that affects not only newcomers. Since runners are a group of athletes who put their whole heart into their passion – no wonder that the long-awaited royal distance fills you with fear. Can I manage? Yes – you will do it and as it was said – it will be one of the most beautiful days of your life!

Marathon has unimaginable energy. As tempting as sirens sing, but not killing. Regardless of the situation on the route and the type of finish, it gives you the power to overcome your own weaknesses. It shows a person how much strength is in him, even when it seems that it has already run out. It is a perfect reflection of life.

So accept fear with all the benefits of your inventory, take it under your arm like an old friend and set off together for new challenges. Bursting adrenaline; feelings that you do not have the chance to experience in the daily replicated life pattern; euphoria mixed with an indescribable feeling of anticipation; excitement, ignorance and excitement. Be glad that you have so many emotions.

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