Throughout the preparation period, increase your runner awareness.

What is she? It’s your capital – knowledge and experience. The fun begins with finding the puzzles that are part of the running puzzle, and then starting to painstakingly put them together. The runner’s awareness consists of such elements as: proper running technique, warm-up, stretching, diet, regeneration, strengthening, running strength, efficiency, etc. Read, talk, listen and learn in handfuls. She really comes in handy.

Be a tester for yourself and look for advice that, incorporated into your training, will make you not only smarter, but above all stronger, faster and healthier runner. Put them into practice and be patient – this is a great virtue of a runner.

Test clothes and shoes.
Regardless of how much time is left until the marathon, try what you do best, what fits well, what does not hurt, what breathes well, what is comfortable. Composing the perfect outfit for the royal distance is then a great comfort on the route. Now is your time.

It is worth knowing that the shoes should be slightly larger to prevent possible bruising and coming off of the toenails. Clothing, on the other hand, should be selected so that you feel a little cool at the start. During the run, your body will warm up quickly.

If you use electronic equipment – learn how to use it.
Watches with GPS, heart rate monitors or even a phone with a pre-installed running application – they can help a lot during everyday training, indicating the parameters of your run.

I had run without a watch my entire life, but I had other running goals as well. I enjoyed nature and competitions were not in my head. However, when I started to follow the guidelines of the training plan, it quickly turned out that such devices are extremely helpful. At the initial stage, they are not a necessity, but the farther into the forest, the better to stock up on them.

When going to the competition, I suggest you turn on the GPS search function for a good few or even several minutes before the start. If you are going to run at the pace and follow it strictly, then the lack of a signal can give your adrenaline a real boost, especially when you can hear the countdown to the starter shot. On the previous day, remember – charge the watch so that the depleted battery does not cause unnecessary stress.

Test energy gels.
Not all, but a large number of runners use energy injections in the form of gels during the marathon. Get your body used to them during long runs. There are different reactions of organisms to their composition, so look for the best ones for you. Remember, however, that experiments on the day of the start are not recommended and leave testing new products for regular training.

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