You Have To Become Your Own Biggest Fan (Motivational Video)

You Have To Become Your Own Biggest Fan (Motivational Video)

You Have To Become Your Own Biggest Fan (Motivational Video)

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YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN (Motivational Speech) – Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speakers: Corey Jones

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Transcript – YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN – Motivational Speech – Fearless Motivation

It’s hard to keep going when no one is supporting you… when no one is clapping for you… and that is exactly why you have to become your own biggest fan.

You have to back yourself.

You have to BET ON YOURSELF.

You really do have to believe in yourself when no one else does.

If you don’t, I’m sorry, but you won’t achieve anything.
 You won’t achieve anything because there will be plenty of moments in your life when you feel like quitting.

There will be moments when there seems like no other option but quitting.

There will be moments when it seems like NO ONE is in your corner.
 But if YOU are in your corner NO ONE can stop you… NO ONE can shake you and NO ONE will break you.

You have to TRUST yourself so much that NO OPINION can shake your choices.
 That doesn’t mean you don’t take advice, or listen to criticism. It means you know the difference between good advice and sticking to your PLAN.

It means that you’re open to suggestions but completely shut off to nonsense.

It means that you BACK YOURSELF even when you have no reason to back yourself.
 If you lose 100 times in a row, you believe the one hundred and first time will be your WIN.

It means you will do whatever it takes. You will change your approach if you need to. You will work harder if you need to. You will work smarter if you have to. You will learn whatever you need to and do whatever must be done… the ONLY thing you won’t do IS GIVE UP.
 You will NOT GIVE UP ON the life you demand of yourself.

Being your biggest fan is not only important to your success in ANYTHING in life. It is ESSENTIAL.
 If you don’t BET ON YOURSELF you will lose every gamble you take in life… and in life EVERY CHOICE is a gamble.
 You can NOT WIN IN LIFE unless you BET ON YOURSELF.

The life you REALLY WANT will NOT come to you by settling. It will not come to you by taking the EASY PATH. It will not come to you by conforming to society. It will not come to you by playing it safe.
 You’re going to have to show some COURAGE…
 You’re going to have to SHUT OUT the opinions of others around you and ask yourself what YOU REALLY WANT FROM LIFE.

How do you want to live?
What would make you PROUD?
How would the YOU that you are PROUD of live each day?
What work would you be doing if you were living your greatest life?
How much money would you be earning?
What kind of friends would you have?
What kind of relationships does this person have?
How would you conduct yourself?
How do you picture yourself?
Are you standing up for things you believe in?
Are you speaking your truth?
What makes you PROUD OF THIS PERSON?

If you’re like most people… thinking of the person you COULD BECOME… thinking of the YOU that would make you PROUD… will give you a great sense of excitement… a sense of what is POSSIBLE…
 And now… it is completely up to YOU!

You can create that person by the CHOICES you make every day… by the ACTIONS you take in every moment…
 You can create that person by BACKING YOURSELF!


And NEVER… EVER QUIT until you are living the life you can PROUDLY call your own!

your own biggest fan

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