July Full Moon In Capricorn

July Full Moon In Capricorn

If you’ve been reading our full moon blog series so far, you’ll know that the different phases of the moon can influence our internal and external environment. A new moon is traditionally a time when we feel more introverted, and a time to pause, reflect, and set intentions for the coming weeks ahead. A new moon is seen as a time of celebration, culmination, extroversion and may even impact our emotions too. Cultures have been living in alignment with the moon’s cycle for thousands of years, even measuring time in ‘moonths’ according to research into lunar calendars from France and Germany around 32,000 B.C. Full moon celebrations would involve all-night dancing, burning sage, feasting, as well as elaborate rituals to honour the feminine energy of the moon, which Native American cultures even refer to as ‘Grandmother Moon’.

Each full moon is connected to a specific astrological sign, which means the energetic qualities of that sign can be heightened, and we can use this time to harness the characteristics of these qualities. On the 13th July 2022, we’ll experience a full moon in the sign of Capricorn, and this one happens to be the largest ‘supermoon’ of the year, so we may feel its effects even more than usual. This moon is also referred to as the ‘Buck Moon’ or ‘Deer Moon’ as buck’s antlers are in full growing mode, as well as the ‘Thunder Moon’, when hot and humid parts of the world can experience the most thunderstorms at this time of year.

What are the characteristics of Capricorn?

A full moon in Capricorn can highlight the main qualities of this sign, such as practicality, stoicism, ambition, self-reliance, a hard-working attitude, determination and a sense of being ‘down to earth’. Capricorn is an earth element sign, and whenever a full moon corresponds with the earth element, it can help us feel more grounded and calmer, as opposed to a full moon in a water sign which can elicit strong and changeable emotions. The sign of Capricorn rules over certain body parts too, such as the knees, skeletal system and teeth, indicating a need to care for these body parts even more so at a full moon.

Every time the full moon enters a different astrological sign, it’s an opportunity to connect to a different part of ourselves, and explore ways to care for ourselves that help us align with the rhythms of nature. This full moon, choose from our practices below to connect to and make the most of this Capricorn full super moon!

Practices for the Capricorn full super moon:

Simplify & Live Sustainably

A full moon is a great time to let go of things that are holding us back or making us feel ‘stuck’ in life. Having an overwhelming to-do list or a house full of clutter can make us feel busy and anxious, which is why the concept of living simply and minimally can be so appealing. Connect to the grounded, practical qualities of Capricorn by taking tips from Madeleine Olivia’s Minimal: How To Simplify Your Life and Live Sustainably, with insights on how to care for yourself in an eco-friendly way, as well as introducing a mindful approach to your habits. She shows you how to declutter your life and waste, and shares recipes for natural cleaning and skincare products. You’ll emerge from the full moon feeling lighter, clearer and calmer with her practical guidance.

Stay Organised

The Summer months can seem like an invitation to throw out our schedules and enjoy a couple of months of vacation time. Whilst this may sound like a great idea initially, dropping our wellbeing tools and routines can often set us back and make us feel as though we have a mountain to climb in order to reach our health goals come September. Whilst the Summer is a great time for extra fun and relaxation, the Capricorn full moon reminds us that having a structure and schedule can play an important role in keeping us balanced. Use the Ponderlilly Weekly Planner to keep track of your weekly commitments, as well as scheduling in fun activities and relaxation time. The School of Life Everyday Adventures card deck is full of inspiration for planning your next ‘pocket-sized’ adventure.

Get Gardening

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to calm the mind and promote a greater sense of wellbeing. Gardening is one of those outdoor activities that has seen a boom in popularity over the last couple of years, and new studies indicate that those who garden just two to three times per week are likely to have higher scored of happiness and lower scores of stress than those who don’t. Harness Capricorn’s earthy and practical side by planting seeds and growing your own veg, and using the Bjork & Berries ‘Botanist’ hand cream afterwards. If you don’t have a garden, window boxes and house plants can give the same amount of joy, especially if you take time to care for them. Plant Therapy by Dr Katie Cooper explains the wide-ranging benefits of living with plants and interacting with them, showing how plants help us breathe, restore balance, and boost our wellbeing.

Clear The Air

A full moon is a traditional time to clear ‘old’ energy from the home with special herbs like sage, or a stick of Palo Santo. From the wood of trees that inhabit the coasts of South America, Palo Santo is used to remove negative energy, and when the stick us burned, the smoke it produces can be very calming and soothing. Yogamatters support eco-friendly companies, and their source of Palo Santo is from only naturally dead tree branches , harvested without damaging the surrounding environment. Burn the stick and walk around your home to spread the calming scent, as well as to clear the energy of each room.

Capricorn Self-Care

As the sign of Capricorn rules over the knees, teeth and skeletal structure, this is a great time to focus on caring for these parts of the body. Aim to consume a calcium-rich diet of leafy greens, dairy, figs, broccoli, tofu, brussels sprouts and nuts – you’ll find plenty of inspiration from recipes in The Self Care Cookbook by Gemma Ogston to nourish your body – look for recipes with these calcium rich foods to up your intake. Care for your teeth with the Georganics charcoal toothpaste, made with active charcoal from coconut shells and English peppermint essential oil. The natural toothpaste is whitening and leaves the mouth clean and fresh, without the need for chemicals like fluoride or SLS, and is a waste-free product. Finally, and especially for those who experience knee pain when practicing yoga, use the Yoga For Healthy Knees book by Sandy Blaine to help you improve your movement on and off the mat, understand the reason behind most types of knee pain, and learn how to safely adapt your practice with the use of props like blankets, or a knee mat pad.

This Capricorn full supermoon invites us to explore the grounded, hands-on aspects of ourselves. Connect to the earth, simplify your schedule, make time for self-care, and clear your space of old energy so you can move through the next lunar phases with greater wellbeing. How are you spending this full moon?

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