Yogamatters Guide to Yoga and Meditation

Yogamatters Guide to Yoga and Meditation

Whether you’re a beginner or expert yogi, you’ll likely be familiar with the physical and mental benefits of yoga. However, if you’re considering practicing both meditation and yoga alongside each other, this can hold a number of additional benefits, compared to simply practicing one or the other. Although you don’t need to meditate to practice yoga, or vice versa, incorporating both into your everyday practice can help to increase awareness and focus over time, as well as help you feel more relaxed and able to switch off much easier. 

If you’re looking to start a fulfilling yoga meditation practice, keep reading as we guide you through the different types of yoga meditation, as well as the overall benefits of these routines. We’ll also suggest a number of practical kits from our collection to help kickstart your practice. 

What is yoga meditation?

Often viewed as separate practices, yoga and meditation can be combined to create a relaxing, fulfilling routine. Forms of yoga such as Sahaja and Raja incorporate both yoga and meditation into their practice, resulting in a variety of both mental and physical benefits. Therefore, if you’re looking to complete a practice that will leave you feeling present and relaxed, whilst challenging you and keeping you physically fit, you’ll first need to be familiar with the specific types of yoga meditation, which we’ve listed below, and find out which is best aligned with your practice goals.

Types of yoga meditation

Sahaja yoga meditation

A process of self realisation, with some practice, Sahaja yoga meditation allows you to bring your true self to the surface. Typically involving chairs, this form of yoga allows you to experience the ‘Kundalini awakening,’ which, depending on the individual, can be achieved spontaneously, or it may take years of practice to master. Unpredictable but highly beneficial, while experiencing this awakening, you may feel a heightened awareness or a strong sense of purpose, which you should let move through you, instead of thinking about the ‘why’ behind it. 

A unique practice that allows you to experience the state of thoughtless awareness through the Kundalini awakening, which means that you’re completely in control of your own thoughts, the transformative nature of this practice has a number of mental health benefits. From finding it easier to feel relaxed and content in the present moment to enhanced personal growth, with regular practice, these feelings can be made long-term.

Raja yoga meditation

Another form of practice that involves self realisation, Raja yoga meditation involves a deep sense of self awareness. Viewed as a challenging routine to master due to the amount of self-discipline involved, Raja yoga meditation takes a high amount of dedication and practice to succeed. But over time, it can hold similar benefits to Sahaja yoga meditation, including an enhanced ability to channel your thoughts, as well as increased contentment and satisfaction.

What is Yoga Nidra meditation?

Allowing a balance between your conscious and unconscious states, Yoga Nidra is completed by practitioners to achieve a deep state of relaxation, while still remaining aware of their surroundings. Known as ‘yogic sleep,’ this type of yoga meditation is normally practiced by lying down and, when done regularly, the calming practice balances the breath and enables a state that falls between being awake and asleep, allowing you to ‘switch off’ from worries and stress.

How to do yoga meditation at home

If you’re looking to start a yoga meditation routine at home, the equipment needed and routine required might vary depending on the type of yoga meditation you decide to practice. Therefore, this guide will act as a general outline for those who are looking to start yoga and meditation in the comfort of their own home. Here are a few tips:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit down: The best way to start is to find a quiet place to sit that’s free from distractions. Ideally, away from your phone, laptop and TV, and in a place of the house where you can’t hear the noises from the street outside, or where these are reduced to a minimum. Then, simply sit in a comfortable pose, which can vary depending on the type of yoga and meditation you’re practicing, and stay silent. While sitting, slowly acknowledge the thoughts that pass through your mind. For many, sitting quietly for even just a few minutes can be a difficult skill to master. Therefore, it’s best to start at around 5 or 10 minutes, before building this up to longer, more extended periods. 
  2. Be alert to the sounds around you: slowly close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Whether it’s the birds chirping outside, or the faint noise of cars going past, the more you tune in to these sounds, the more you’ll notice. Although this takes practice, over time you’ll uncover particular details of the sounds, or new sounds, during your yoga meditation, that you didn’t notice were present before. Being alert to these has multiple benefits, including heightened awareness, allowing you to feel more present in those moments.
  3. Focus attention on the body: Once you’ve become aware of your surroundings, focus the attention on the body. Again, noticing small things, like whether you’re warm or cool, and being aware of your body touching the ground. This will bring your full awareness to the present moment. 
  4. Follow the breath: One of the most important things about mastering yoga meditation is drawing your attention to the breath. Helping to calm your mind, following your breathing will provide something to focus on throughout your practice. However, if you find that your mind has wandered, don’t be frustrated with yourself. Instead, slowly bring your attention back to the breath and refocus. 

Benefits of yoga mediation 

Incorporating both relaxation and exercise into your everyday routine, as well as encouraging you to practice mindfulness, each yoga meditation can have endless benefits. However, a few of the main benefits of this practice are listed below: 

  • Reduces worries and stress: by letting go and feeling present in the moment during your practice, you’ll be freeing yourself from any worries and concerns that have built up in your mind during the day. Preventing feelings of burnout and allowing you to better manage your stress levels, as well as reducing the risk of long term, stress induced health issues, regularly practicing yoga meditation will keep your mind clear and improve focus.
  • Can reduce physical pain: Regularly practicing yoga meditation can help to reduce pains throughout your body, including joint issues, headaches, back pain and more. Although it might not be a cure, the stretching and relaxation involved with the practice will help to relieve these pains.
  • Helps to boost mental health: Although there are other measures in place within society to help improve an individual’s mental health, yoga meditation can also be highly beneficial. If your mind is feeling crowded, the deep state of calmness and relaxation involved with yoga meditation can help to free the mind from any unwanted thoughts that might be causing the build up, helping to reduce the chance of negative, overwhelming emotions. 
  • Can improve flexibility and strength: Yoga involves various stretches and the ability to hold these for a set period, meaning it can help to increase muscle tone, as well as improve flexibility, which are both highly important parts of an individual’s physical health.

Yoga and Meditation Equipment

If you’re looking to start yoga meditation and need some reliable equipment to guide you through the process, look no further than our range of yoga and meditation kits. Featuring all you need to incorporate mindful moments into your day-to-day life, we’ll talk you through some of the luxurious yoga kits from the collection.

hemp restorative yoga kit

Yogamatters Hemp Restorative Yoga Kit – £110.00

Containing the basic essentials needed to perform a restorative yoga routine, our restorative yoga kit is perfect for those getting started. Made from Hemp, a highly sustainable choice, the bundle contains all the practical essentials for your practice, including a bolster, eye mask, blanket and block. And, doubling as gorgeous decor to complement your home interiors when you’re not practicing yoga, our hemp meditation kit is worth the investment. 

Designed using the same material, our Yogamatters Hemp Meditation Kit – £162.00 also provides all the sacred space essentials that will elevate your interiors. Featuring a zaful, zabuton, eye mask, blanket and more, our basic meditation bundle is available in three appealing colours, including sunset, natural and moss green.

home restorative yoga kit

Yogamatters Home Restorative Yoga Kit – £80.00

If you’re looking for a kit to use at home that’s designed using different materials, our home restorative yoga kit will be the perfect addition to your interiors; no matter where you decide to practice in your home, from a dedicated corner to a floor space in your room. Crafted from a luxurious organic cotton, the bundle will enable you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your practice, helping you delve into a deeper state of relaxation. Designed in three luxurious calming colours, choose your favourite from the range, which includes natural, grey ice and eucalyptus.

luxury home meditation kit

Yogamatters Luxury Home Meditation Kit – £140.00

Made from organic cotton, the Yogamatters zabuton works to prevent any discomfort when you’re practicing in a sitting position, ensuring that you’re not meditating on a hard surface. While the luxurious eye pillow will help to relax your eye muscles and block out any distracting light, and the blanket will act as a warm, comfortable prop.

If you’re searching for other luxury bundles, our collection of functional yoga and meditation kits features the Luxury Home Restorative Yoga Kit – £92.00, which, similar to the luxury meditation kit, includes an eye mask and blanket, but features a bolster and block in place of the zabuton. However, if you’re looking for something with more added style, our collection also offers appealing prints, featuring our Yogamatters Luxury Daisy Print Restorative Yoga Kit – £110.00.

Organic Cotton Nidra Kit

Yogamatters Organic Cotton Nidra Kit – £140.00

If you’re looking to delve deep into Yoga Nidra, our kit contains everything you need for a revitalising practice. Built for a routine that will help to reduce stress and anxiety, this versatile bundle will help to enhance your overall wellbeing. Boasting a mat, bolster, blanket, eye mask and complete with one of our beautifully scented signature candles, the kit also features a convenient travel bag, perfect for travelling from A to B. And, you’ll have the complete freedom to choose from an organic cotton grey ice kit (as pictured above) or a hemp kit in a natural hue. 

New Starter Yoga Kit

Yogamatters New Starter Yoga Kit – £39.00

If your thoughts are leaning more towards yoga than meditation, but you’re unsure on how to get started, our new starter yoga kit contains everything you need to begin a successful yoga practice. Featuring essential props including a mat, two blocks and a yoga strap, we’ve recently expanded our colour offerings for this bundle, which is now available in 13 attractive colourways, so you’re able to choose your favourite. However, if you’re looking for a more sustainable choice, our Yogamatters Sustainable Starter Yoga Kit – £42.00, which contains similar props, provides the ideal solution.

Shop Meditation and Yoga Kits at Yogamatters

Whether you’re looking to start yoga, meditation or incorporate a combination of both into your practice, our collection of yoga and meditation kits at Yogamatters will provide everything you need to build  routine that works for you, enabling you to carve out time to enhance your wellbeing both physically and mentally.

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