Meet Natalie Hall

Meet Natalie Hall

Natalie hall is the founder of Fireflies Fitness, which she was inspired to set up during her treatment and recovery from breast cancer. Fireflies mission is to inspire those with a cancer diagnosis to continue moving and  provide support to people with primary and secondary diagnosis.

Join Natalie for a special Ballet class, sign up through the link here: 

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am both peaceful and chaotic and I love and embrace both! I don’t take life too seriously and find joy in the smallest of things. I am an independent, solo Mum of two beautiful daughters who runs two not-for-profit companies for dance and fitness.

I am a Registered Teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance, a Level 4 Cancer Exercise Specialist and I am qualified as a Personal Trainer.

What does a typical day look like for you?

For the past year a typical day starts at 6.30am with me throwing open my bedroom window, often with it taking my breath away and making me smile at how beautiful it is; rain or shine; light or dark. I wish a Good Morning to the day and I thank it for having me! I talk to the day about how wonderful we are going to be together! 

This hasn’t always been the case as I used to really struggle with getting out of bed but it has made such a positive impact on my day I won’t stop it now.

I make an effort to sit and drink a hot water with lemon and then have a little stretch.

If I give myself this small amount of time it makes the upcoming school run chaos much more manageable!

Some days I teach and some days I do company admin. Some teaching is online, some face-to-face. Sometimes I teach children and sometimes I teach adults. I have given myself quite a varied week which I love. I do make an effort to incorporate rest time as I love to work a bit too much!

I always try to cook us fresh meals and I am currently trying to move all of our bedtimes earlier. This is not so easy with a tween and a teenager!

My aim is 9pm bedtime, read a book, sleep by 10pm. It is a work in progress!

How did your ballet / wellbeing journey begin?

I started attending ballet, jazz and tap classes when I was 4 years old. I was very shy growing up except when I was dancing. Looking back it was the perfect escape from an at times difficult childhood and I’m forever grateful that my Mum took me.

It still provides me with a beautiful escape from life’s challenge; big and small.

At the age of 43 I received a shocking breast cancer diagnosis which I dealt with by remaining active and positive. However, after my active treatment was completed I was broken physically and mentally. I was thrown into early menopause and was really suffering.

I chose to use my trauma for growth and my wellbeing journey really began.

I devour wellness podcasts and audiobooks and am learning every day. It’s exciting and enlightening and I am learning new things about myself and the world all the time.

Tell us more about Fireflies Fitness?

Fireflies Fitness is a company supporting the Cancer Community with their physical and mental fitness. I founded it whilst recovering from my own cancer treatment. Introducing and re-introducing people to the world of ballet is my favourite part of what I do with that. Along with the social aspect of it. Bringing together people who “get it.”

How have you seen Fireflies support the community in which you serve?

Their quality of life is improved and they have grown in confidence in so many different ways. They now have a support system that many didn’t have and have fallen in love with the magic of moving. They use their darkness in order to shine even more brilliantly than before – they are Fireflies of course!

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

“If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.” – Dolly Parton

What’s coming up for you in 2024?

Showtime and then ballet exam time at my children’s dance school in London.

Launching my online group fitness provision for the Cancer Community.

Developing a beautiful partnership Fireflies has with the Royal Academy of Dance where we provide free ballet classes for the Cancer Community.

I will be 5 years in remission from breast cancer in November 2024!


Find out more about Natalie:

Fireflies website:


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