Introducing some of our female founded brands

Introducing some of our female founded brands

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we caught up with some of the founders of our incredible female founded brands. Read on to learn more about their inspirations and missions.

Temple of Incense

What was your inspiration to start Temple of Incense?

We grew up in a second generation Punjabi household where life was a fusion. We ritualistically burned incense every day – it’s been a part of our being for as long as we can remember.

When we set out to start our business, we were 19 and 23, with no understanding of business, but all the willingness to learn about incense. It was a pretty niche concept – make great incense accessible to everyone. We started out working in our parents shed and at our local market.

We grew cautiously, week by week but we believed then, as we do now, that if you focus on creating something brilliant, with integrity, the Universe will provide and the customers will come – and thank fully, they did.

What is your mission with Temple of Incense?

When we started Temple of Incense in 2012, incense was a little bit out of fashion, but we like to think we’ve bought it back with a new look and a new reputation. The days of cheap synthetics are long gone and it’s a new era for home fragrance. So it’s our mission to fill every home with gorgeous, natural and authentic incense.
Making incense that helps tap into our consciousness and enhance spiritual practice are key. This is home-fragrance with substance, ethical values and most of all, a whole lot of passion.

Which women inspire you?

There is an endless list of women that inspire us but here’s just a few…

Maya Angelou, for which there would never be enough words to explain her greatness and what her journey and words and work mean to us both.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her inspirational fight against gender discrimination and her powerful ability to inspire change.

Kelly Holmes was 12 when she started and 34 when she realised her dream. That determination and effectively hope is beyond admirable.

Wanderlust Life

What was your inspiration to start Wanderlust Life?

I started Wanderlust Life 10 years ago. In between stints of travel I held various roles, from opening galleries to managing yoga retreats and working for creative agencies. However, I never felt truly fulfilled. Looking back, I realise that I yearned to captain my own ship. I grew up in a coastal surf town and was fortunate to spend many winters abroad. It was during one of these journeys, between jobs, that the idea for Wanderlust Life was born. I remember doodling on a plane and listing all the things I loved, things that ignited my passion—and that’s where it all began. The seed of an idea planted on a long plane journey soon blossomed into reality when I returned to Devon. Initially, the business operated from my spare bedroom. As the business expanded, so did our team. We quickly realised that we needed more space, which led to the opening of the Wanderlust Life shop and studio in Braunton in 2018. Today, our business thrives with a close-knit team of 14 designers, makers, sales support, and marketers.

What is your mission with Wanderlust Life?

Wanderlust Life exists to pass on good energy! We design and make our jewellery by hand in our sunny Devon studios; each piece really is charged with meaning and made with love by our team. It’s our mission to pass on that energy and optimism from our studio, through our pieces and into the wider world.

Which women inspire you?

There are a lot of women out there doing incredible things – but one woman that really inspires me is Amy Powney. Aside from heading up a super-cool and sustainable fashion brand Mother of Pearl as Creative Director, she’s a bold changemaker – championing sustainability in the fashion industry. I highly recommend watching the documentary Fashion Re-imagined which follows her mission and was directed by another equally brilliant female, Becky Hutner.

Laura Colucci – Spritz Wellness

Tell us a bit about your background and your journey to where you are now…

I’ve practiced yoga for over 25 years on and off the mat and qualified as a teacher 15 years ago.  Five years ago, I opened a yoga studio The Nook at my home in West Sussex by the sea. It was at my studio that I designed and created the Aromatherapy Eye Pillows, Yoga Mat Sprays and Room Sprays that I use in my classes. It was from here that the Spritz Wellness brand was born. 

What was your inspiration to start Spritz Wellness?

My inspiration to start Spritz Wellness was the power of aromatherapy and adding rituals to my yoga practice. Placing an eye pillow over the eyes in Savasana and misting the yoga mat before practice are little tools that ground you and give you those moments of calm.  There wasn’t a range of all-natural products at the time so I created my own!

What is your mission with Spritz Wellness?

The mission of Spritz Wellness is to use aromatherapy to enhance your yoga practice and sleep routine and find moments of stillness in a busy world.

Which women inspire you?

Women who follow their passion, show resilience, honesty and are in touch with their essence. Its inspiring to see women following their dreams be it a CEO, owner of their own business or a full-time caregiver. 

Il Apothecary

What was your inspiration to start Il Apothecary?

Ilapothecary was born from the need to support the modern person to beat their daily stressors. We were inspired to create a British, wellbeing functional beauty brand with 100% natural pioneering undiluted blends of Powerful Remedial Ingredients, to make this happen!

What is your mission with Il Apothecary?

The mission of the brand is to create cutting-edge transformative alchemical blends combining gemstones, adaptogenic herbs, stem cells, homeopathic filaments and phyto-actives, to support the busy person from urban stressors, and help to rebalance, strengthen, nourish, and uplift. Our goal is therefore to Relieve the body and Soothe the mind. Moreover our mission is to Beat the Blues, Balance Hormones, indulge to deep good quality Sleep, alleviate Stress and achieve Digital Detox.

Which women inspire you?

At ilapothecary, we’re committed to supporting women at every stage of their life and on all their choices. Whether they are conquering the boardroom, nurturing their family, and all of the above combined (which is often the case!), or simply taking time for themselves, we’re here to empower women on their personal journey, curating a selection of products to address common daily stressors. This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the strength, beauty, and resilience of women everywhere. ilapothecary creates natural and powerful blends to make every woman feel valued, supported, and empowered to shine.

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