How to Choose an Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

How to Choose an Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

As society becomes more aware of the environmental effects of mass manufacturing, in recent years, an increasing number of us have made the effort to become more eco conscious, and are now opting for environmentally friendly product alternatives. As lovers of all things conscious and sustainable, members of the yoga community have made no exception. And, with a noticeable amount of practitioners making the shift to invest in more eco-friendly, sustainable yoga mats and props, this continues to have a number of positive effects on the environment, including saving natural resources, reducing emissions and helping to improve working conditions for many individuals involved in the manufacturing process.

Central to each and every practice, a yoga mat is one of the most important pieces of equipment available. Offering comfortable support throughout your practice, as well as providing the grip and stability needed to comfortably flow through a range of asanas and therefore allowing you to perform a successful, fulfilling routine, a mat is the ultimate yoga kit essential. Therefore, it’s understandable why an increasing number of yogis are being more environmentally aware and choosing an eco friendly yoga mat as opposed to a standard prop.

Keep reading as we walk you through our eco friendly yoga mats and the benefits of each, discussing why our in-house yoga experts believe these are worth the switch from standard materials. Aiming to provide the support required for a range of yoga practices, browse through our guide to Yogamatters eco yoga mats, which are made using natural rubber, cork and more. But first, we’ll answer a number of your frequently asked questions on sustainable yoga mats. 

What yoga mats are eco-friendly?

Now an increasingly popular product, readily available on today’s busy yoga marketplace, eco yoga mats are in high demand, as these are produced using a variety of sustainable components. Guaranteed to be kind to both your practice and the planet, at Yogamatters, we pride ourselves on producing environmentally friendly equipment. That’s why we use a range of sustainably sourced, biodegradable materials for our yoga mats, including organic cotton, sustainably harvested natural rubber, and cork, which contain no harmful synthetic chemicals.

However, each eco-friendly material used to produce our mats contains different properties, therefore, it’s important to choose one suited to the requirements of your practice. Whether it’s a durable cork yoga mat offering a smooth, comfortable practice, to a range of natural rubber mats featuring unique properties, including a strong grip for intense practices, a wet grip base suitable for hot yoga and more, find an eco friendly yoga mat to suit your desired flow from our full collection of mats online. 

Are cork yoga mats eco-friendly?

An incredibly eco friendly material, cork is recyclable, biodegradable, and doesn’t leave any toxic remnants behind. Our Yogamatters Cork props, including Cork Yoga Mats and Cork Blocks, are made using cork sourced from oak trees. Able to regenerate their bark once harvested, a cork oak tree can live for over 200 years, with harvesting occurring every 7 to 10 years. And with no toxic chemicals used during production, these props are the ideal choice for every eco conscious yoga practitioner.

Eco Yoga Mats

Available in a variety of colours, patterns and sizes, each eco friendly yoga mat from our sustainable range has been made using a selection of materials that include an incredibly versatile collection of properties. To find the right mat for you, it’s advisable to choose one best suited to your routine, style and thickness preferences. With a large selection of ethical brands including Yogamatters, Yoga Design Lab and Jade Yoga, you’re able to choose a mat that has been sustainably made by your favourite eco friendly brand. 

Cork Yoga Mat

cork yoga mat

Yogamatters Eco Cork Yoga Mat – £65.00

At 4mm thick, our Yogamatters Cork Yoga Mat offers the perfect surface to practice yoga in complete comfort. Featuring a smooth surface to successfully complete your routine, the mat contains natural anti-bacterial properties that eliminates germs and bacteria behind the cause of bad odours, which helps to keep both your mat and home practice space clean, hygienic and odour-free. 

The useful disinfectant and odour-eliminating properties of cork also means that no matter how much sweat is produced during your practice, your yoga mat will stay smelling clean and fresh, making it the ideal accompaniment for those practicing hot yoga. And, the more you sweat, the stronger the mat’s grip will become – as the cork tends to loosen up and provide more grip as you wear it in over time. However, if you prefer having a strong grip from the start of your practice, simply spray the mat with water before you begin. This will speed up the process, enabling a strong grip throughout.

mandala cork yoga mat

Yoga Design Lab Cork Mat – Mandala Black – £74.00

Another ethical yoga brand, this stunning cork yoga mat from Yoga Design Lab features a symmetrical mandala effect design that will compliment your home interiors and help to improve the alignment of your poses. Designed using premium quality material including biodegradable natural cork and rubber featuring water based inks, as well as being free from artificial substances including silicone, pvc and phthalates, the mat provides the ideal eco friendly solution to aid your practice. Suited to any condition, from a restorative routine to a more intense Ashtanga practice, the mat is extremely durable and features a convenient carrying strap, making it ideal for transporting from A to B.

Rubber Yoga Mat

curve yoga mat

Yoga Design Lab Curve Mat – £99.00

If you’re looking for a more unique eco yoga mat, this curved, hour glass shaped prop from Yoga Design Lab might provide the perfect solution. Specifically designed to fit the shape of your body and yoga poses, the mat is suitable for all types of yoga practice. Produced using a super absorbent microfibre that’s made from recycled plastic bottles, the absorbency of the microfibre teamed with the natural tree rubber material makes this mat naturally absorbent. 

Acting as a convenient, all-in-one yoga mat and towel, the Yoga Design Lab Mat features a highly responsive grip, making it ideal for high intensity practices, hot yoga, and even pilates. Designed using water-based inks, which are free from toxic chemicals, this versatile yoga mat contains a relaxing, night-sky pattern, perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere ready for your practice.

Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat – £70.00

A brand that truly cares for the planet, Jade Yoga plants a tree for every mat sold. 

Designed with renewable natural rubber sourced from rubber trees, this eco friendly yoga mat doesn’t contain any synthetic materials. Going above and beyond to support working conditions, the mat is ethically sourced, showing compliance with US environment, labour and consumer protection laws. From soothing colours ideal for a calming practice, to brighter, upbeat tones suitable for a more intense routine, the Jade Yoga mats come in a selection of colours to suit all preferences.

Natural rubber yoga mat

Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat – £80.00

Featuring a comfortable cushioning to provide optimum support during your practice, this rubber yoga mat from the Manduka eKO Lite range contains a reliable grip that will support you through even the most challenging poses. Thoughtfully designed using an appealing blend of colours, choose from a selection of calming designs including Acai Midnight, Midnight, Sea Gold Marbled and Deep Sea Stripe. Crafted purposely to be durable and long-lasting, yogis also have the reassurance that they’ve done their bit to protect the planet, as this mat in particular has been made using environmentally friendly non-Amazon harvested tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents.

Cotton Yoga Mat

Cotton Yoga Mat

Yogamatters Organic Cotton Yoga Mat – £28.00

At Yogamatters, we work hard to produce sustainable, eco friendly yoga props that will help you perform a successful routine. And, based on our traditional cotton yoga mat, our highly affordable organic cotton mat is no exception. Providing a more sustainable take, it’s now made from 100% organically grown cotton, arriving in compostable packaging. Handwoven by expert crafters from a trusted, long-term Yogamatters partner, the yoga mat features hand knotted tassels that provide an added hint of authenticity. Doubling as an attractive rug to compliment your home interiors, this appealing prop features a peaceful natural or grey ice colourway.

Shop Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

Whether you’re after a supportive cork yoga mat or cotton mat that doubles as an attractive rug, we hope you have learned the benefits of making the switch to more sustainable yoga mats. Discover our full collection of eco friendly yoga mats online at Yogamatters.

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